Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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Bubble bubble,
Glittering water swirls pulling her down,
Image result for The seaStruggling as the strong waves crash,
Tide pulling her out,
Into the blackness,
Screaming under the shining sun,
Down down down she goes Into the sea.

By Nicole

Sunday, 19 November 2017

It was the year 1872 an old short lady had moved into the small aged cottage next door. Everyone thought she was a kind hearted woman, BUT! At midnight when the clock struck twelve everything happened so quickly the screams, the laughing and the music box playing! The only person who ever heard that was a little girl called Mary who lived beside the small cottage. She was 10 years old and lived with her father, Tom. Her mum had died when she was only a baby. They only had one animal where they lived and that was their dog Archie.
One day Mary was sitting by the window looking out towards the old cottage. Then she noticed the old lady walking out of her front door with a little bag of lollies in her small frail hand. After about an hour she returned but this time she returned with a little boy who looked about 6 or 7 they wandered into the cottage. At midnight she heard it, the screams, the laughing and the music box playing. That boy was never seen again. This had been playing on her mind for a while so Mary decided to creep to the police station making sure the old lady was not watching. She was going to talk to them about her suspicion on the old lady. She scrambled into the police station slamming the door behind her. ‘’Police where's the police, help me’’! There's a crazy lady living beside me.
‘’Do you have any evidence’’ said the police.
‘’I do I do’’ she screamed ‘’come to my house’’. So they set off at a brisk walk down the street then turned left into a dark cobwebbed alley beside Mary’s house, then stepped through her back door. They waited for hours  and then suddenly one of the police men stood up and said ‘’I’m sick of this. I’m  going over there’’. So off he went over to her house but little did he know it was one minute to midnight. He went and rung the old silver door bell. The lady invited him in, shutting the ancient door behind him.
The tall grandfather clock in Mary’s house started to chime. It was midnight. Then they heard a man sreaming, a lady laughing and the music box playing. They ran over to her house to investigate the streaming. They barged into her house ‘’we have a warrant to search the premises’’ yelled the police. ‘’Ok’’ said the lady ‘’but don't go into the basement it is full of rats. They searched and searched. It was hopeless and Mary was sick of it. So she tiptoed to the basement door and swung it open. She flicked the switch. The bulb flickered then shone a dim light over the basement. Mary saw the most haunting sight of her life. Thousand of bodies stacked up like books on a bookshelf and at the very top was the little boy and the policeman.  Mary screamed, her heart was thumping the police came running in they started yelling lights flashed everywhere and Mary fainted...

They arrested the old lady and she was sentenced to death she was hung the very next day. The little old village was normal again at least that's what they thought.     

The End                       

By Abbey Carter & Nicole McBain

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Image result for toilet roll phone holder

You will need:
Two toilet paper rolls,
Colored card , colored
foam or wrapping paper.
Scissors and a hot glue gun.

1. Get one of the two toilet rolls and cut it right in half.
2. Then cut the second one so that there is only one slit in it.
3. Get the glue gun and one of the wide edges of the half roll.
4. Then slide it into the slot of the other one hold it till it dry’s.
5. Next cut 2 small squares foam or card & glue them onto the circle shapes then cut them into a circle.

6. Last of all get the colored foam or wrapping paper and wrap it all around the toilet rolls & glue into place.

Monday, 16 October 2017

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The bright shiny spring day. Her eyes drew to dazzling blossomed trees in the meadow. The lush green grass was soft like a blanket under her feet.

Gorgeous gleaming tulips gently swayed in the warm spring breeze. The rodent red, orange and black wings of butterflies fluttered around her face. A glowing blue pond glittered in the distance. This little peaceful place in the huge world was the only place that mattered to her. The only place she could be alone with her thoughts.

By Nicole

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Money Money Money

This is a murder that I need you to help me solve. Oh I forgot I’m Detective Spring. Billionaire Duncan has been murdered in the library of his Mansion. It was strange but still quite beautiful, the old-fashioned dark wood book shelves stood showing its colourful books within.

There were four other people in the house at the time of the murder which were Duncan’s Wife Saria, his 16 year old son Theodore, his secret love the maid Merry weather and the cook Bertram.But who would have a good enough motive to kill Duncan? . . .

Let’s find out their alibis. First his Jealous, blue eyed, want to be rich but doesn't want to work son Who had threatened to kill his father many  times. He claimed that he was at a friends house and three friends saw him there. Now...        Saria who said she was in her room sewing but no one saw her. Bertram said he was in the kitchen preparing supper. He said Merryweather saw him when she was walking past with the washing and she said she was taking the dirty washing to the laundry when she saw him.  

Let’s investigate the library. Duncan was lying on the ground. It looks as if someone has poisoned him. I have looked at his will. He left all of his money to Merry wether because he secretly love her.
I found out that Merryweather and Bertram were married and kept it a secret.  Bertram made some berry and cinnamon tea and put it poison in it then Merryweather snuck into the library and snuck out before  Duncan looked up. They did it for the money that's the only reason why they got those jobs. . . .

by Nicole McBain